This Week at Maria’s and Kimski

Tues March 7 – Bartender’s Choice
Maria’s expert mixologists mix up the tunes and cocktails

Weds March 8 – Maria’s Game Night – Trading Races kick-off – 7-11 PM

Trading Races is a party game for Black culture. Know black history or blackness? Let’s see if you can out-black folks.

Yes, absolutely. We all have a construct of how we define blackness. So why not have a conversation about it? People from all races, cultures, and gender have much to offer this conversation. Let’s talk about the constructs in a humorous and fun way and redefine them.

Defend your stance to the fullest and may the odds be forever in your favor. If played right, this is an extremely fun and entertaining game about the malleability of race. This game can really make people feel awkward, so you just have to remember… it’s just a game and to have fun with this shit.

Of course as on every Maria’s Game Night you can always join us to play some board games, card games and video games. We have a few dozen titles that you can play outside our usual old game library shelf in the original bar. But feel free to bring your own! Mario Kart will be provided.

Thurs March 9 – Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) – DJ Matthew Kylestewa, DJ Mark Reyes, DJ Joseph Guzzo III

Playing all genre’s and styles, digital and vinyl new releases.

Fri March 10 – Return of the Prodigal Son – DJ Joe Bryl

DJ Joe Bryl returns for a night of eclectic sounds with an aural exploration into the wide reaches of recorded music showcasing the best in new releases, re-issues and rare crate diggin’ finds. Warm sounds, soothing cocktails and beers are flowing all night.

Sat March 11 – Odd Style from the Numbered Streets – DJs Scrabblor & Dookie Blaster

Starts and ends with R&B and travels the beats between from hip hop to rock to jazz to disco

Sun March 12 & Mon March 13 – Bartender’s Choice

Maria’s expert mixologists mix up the tunes and cocktails

Kimski Specials This Week:

Tues March 7 – Burger night – Ground wagyu beef, house made pancetta, onion jam, cheddar on brioche spoke and bird bun

Weds March 8 – Dduk beok ki – Spicy rice cake dish with kimchi, house made sweet and spicy sauce, starch noodles with sliced polish sausage

Thurs March 9 – Rotating fried chicken special.

Fri March 10 – Fish and chips day! Fresh beer battered fried fish with house made tartar sauce, served with our house fries

Sat March 11 – Chef surprise!