Nov 6: Election Brew Ha Ha: the Final Conflict

Tuesday, November 6 – 8PM – Free, No Cover 
Join us at Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar on election night, Tuesday November 6, as we watch the results roll in around the nation for our “ELECTION BREW HA HA”. Starting at 8PM, we’ll all be glued to the TV to see if either Barack “The Rock” Obama or Mitt “The Massachusetts Mauler” Romney wins this no-hold-barred, winner-take-all grudge match that we’re calling “THE FINAL CONFLICT”.
We’ll be projecting the results during the night on our video projectors that’ll bring you closer to the action. Some political pugilistic prognosticators have called this season’s contest the “Thriller Without Any Filler” yet we feel that it’ll go until the final round, late into the night. Watch as Mitt weaves from right to left changing positions with ease as Barack jabs and flails away feebly often relying on his famous “Rope A Dope Vote” fighting stance. The question is, will Obama retain his Presidential crown by sheer willpower and tenacity or will his hungry opponent capitalize on the nation’s malaise and economically find a way to land a knockout punch.
While you’re cheering on your favorite fighter you’ll also be able to quench your thirst (for compromise?) with our specially made “Election Selection” cocktails. Maria’s expert mixologists and political pundits have created a wide range of drinks that we hope will reflect and capture the nature and personality of those individuals who aspire for the presidency.
Biden My Time – Named after the seemingly endless verbal gaffs of Vice-President Joe Biden this potent potable will will make you start saying the craziest things. Often thought of as Obama’s attack dog in that he can state policy issues with a bluntness that the presidency doesn’t often allow, Biden’s constant malapropism have put to question his competency but not his passion. This working man’s drink will certainly clean any lingering aftertaste of having put one’s foot in one’s mouth. The Mint Romney – This muddled aristocratic cocktail will tax your tolerance (and most likely your patience). Like a carefully layered pousse-cafe, this rich digestif makes Republican policy issues easier to swallow. But, please don’t ask the bartender specifics on its ingredients because we’re not going to release the details. Sometimes also known as “The Hair of the Dog on Top of the Car” this sobering drink is recommended after a night of restless flip-flopping. The Oh, Bama! – 4 years ago we were wowed by this new cocktail from Chicago. However, after repeated tastings some have complained that it’s often watered down and reminds them of a favorite Texas tea called “The Bush Leaguer” from a decade ago. Do not expect any change from your bill. Ryan’s Song – We hope that you can budget in this drink that is a popular thirst quenching treat for our neighbors to the north. This good-looking cocktail has been known to make one socially insecure. Payment is cash only, no vouchers accepted.