Hot Tropics comes to Maria’s and kimski

From April 19-26, 2018 Maria’s and Kimski will transform into a Tropical Paradise. We launch Hot Tropics in part to celebrate the release of Pipeworks and Marz Community Brewing Co’s collaboration, the Barrel Aged Super Piña Collider!

You may know that last year Marz Community Brewing and Pipeworks Brewing, joined forces on a super tikirific “tan and black”, called Super Piña Collider, a two-part collaboration where each brewery brewing a beer that is meant to be best enjoyed when consumed in the same glass. It was innovation at it’s most delicious.

What you may not know is that both breweries barrel aged a portion of each brew and after months, they’re finally done snoozing in the shade. The tropical flavors in the Pipeworks white stout brewed with coconut have only gotten more complex, and the black berliner weisse with pounds of pineapple added to the barrel, has only gotten more tart and juicy in barrels.

This special collaboration is meant to be poured into the same glass, or just enjoyed on their own! We are pouring each beer on April 19 at 5pm at Maria’s!

During Hot Tropics you will be able to enjoy the culinary pleasures of Kimski’s Pu Pu Platter. It’s an array of small bites inspired by classic tiki bar cuisine. Satays, sweet and sour pork, short ribs, spam, pineapple and tropical fare. Ask your server for the Pu Pu platter of the day. And of course you should wash it down with one of our tiki cocktails made especially for the week. We will end Hot Tropics on April 26 with a Pig Roast helmed by our favorite Samoan pitmaster, Hippolito.