Illuminated Brew Works Beer Tapping at Maria’s – Weds Jan 11 – 6-9 PM

Please join us at Maria’s (960 W. 31st St) for a winter beer tapping featuring 4 premier beers from Illuminated Brew Works on Wednesday, January 11 (6-9 PM) including . . .

Jinx Remover – Brett Pale Ale 5.1% ABV
Illuminated wanted to make something with a caramel heart with a dose of acidity. Using a tart finishing yeast and a pale ale grist they then blended the base beer with their 100% brett fermented Cult of Ed to help accentuate the floral notes of the dry hopped base.  The result is a highly sessionable beer with about four distinct points of flavor.
Marble Faun – Cherry Rye Farmhouse 5.4% ABV
They built a delicious rye farmhouse and finished it with sour cherry puree to create a sipper both complex and fruity.
Black Lodge – Cherry Coffee Stout 8.3% ABV
In tribute to Special Agent Dale Cooper and all his hard work on the Blue Rose case, we’ve added Abacus coffee and sour cherry puree to our Black Maw stout.  Every day you should give yourself a treat.
All Colors of the Dark – Barrel Aged Sour Stout 7.8% ABV
All Colors of the Dark takes their Black Maw black licorice stout and aged it for a year and a half in FEW rye barrels letting the Rodenbach blend of yeast and bugs work their magic. They then blend and balance that back with a farmhouse aged on the same bugs to create a rich tapestry of dark and sweet fruits balanced on an inky black base.
This will be a great opportunity to taste some of these wonderful winter warmers and take a leisurely break from the bitter cold weather. Enjoy!
For further information contact Pat Gossett by emailing pjg0180 at